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Curt Smith is the author of the books listed below, starting with the new The Presidents and the Pastime: The History of Baseball and the White House. Other books are listed from the most to least recent: George H.W. Bush: Character at the Core; Mercy! A Celebration of Fenway Park's Centennial Told Through Red Sox Radio and TV;  A Talk in the Park: Nine Decades of Baseball Tales from the Broadcast Booth; Pull Up a Chair: The Vin Scully Story; The Voice: Mel Allen's Untold Story; Voices of Summer; What Baseball Means to Me; Storied Stadiums: Baseball's History Through its Ballparks; Our House: A Tribute to Fenway Park; Windows on the White House; Of Mikes and Men; The Red Sox Fan's Little Book of Wisdom; The Storytellers; Voices of The Game; Long Time Gone; and America's Dizzy Dean.

The Presidents and the Pastime: The History of Baseball and the White House
“An exhaustive look at the relationship between the chief executive of the United States and baseball.”

-- Kirkus Reviews

“Cultural history at its best and storytelling the way we love it.”

-- John Zogby, Founder
Zogby Poll

“Add this book to what you love about baseball, politics, or both.”

-- Bruce DuMont, Host
Beyond the Beltway

George H.W. Bush: Character at the Core
“Values matter. Character counts.
That is the message at the heart of this excellent book.”

-- William Gavin, Author Speechwright

“Up close, the author observed the essential Bush. An endearing look at the 41st President – and what Smith calls his ‘poetry of the heart.’”

-- Kirkus Reviews
“Masterfully written and meticulously researched.”                                                  
-- Tom DeFrank, Author
Write It When I’m Gone

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"A grand evocation of the history of the Red Sox. Truly remarkable broadcast history."

-- Paul Dickson, Author
Leo Durocher

"We've had lots of books about the Sox. This one takes it to a whole new level."

            -- Michael Dukakis

A Talk in the Park

"Another tour de force from baseball's Boswell."

           -- New York Daily News

"Baseball broadcasting's top chronicler knows a good story when he hears one."

           -- New York Post

"Smith has knocked it out of the park again."

           -- USA Today

Pull Up A Chair

"Smith has as much a mastery of the English language as Vin Scully."

   -- Rochester Democrat & Chronicle

"The admitted Scullyologist details baseball's richest voice."

   -- Richard Deitsch, S.I.cnn.com

"A seemingly effortless and beautiful synchronicity between author and subject."

            -- Booklist

The Voice

 "I was happily returned to my youth, Ballantine Blasts, and 'How About That!'"

  -- Former Commissioner Fay Vincent

"Smith masterfully chronicled Mel Allen's fascinating life."

  -- Tigers broadcaster Ernie Harwell

"A definitive and amazing book."

            -- Giants Voice Jon Miller

Voices of Summer

"Smith is a superb, even nonpareil,  baseball historian."  

            -- Houston Chronicle   

"A fascinating ranking of the 101 greatest all-time baseball broadcasters."

            -- San Francisco Chronicle

"Great fodder for hot stove debate"

            -- Baseball Bookshelf

What Baseball Means To Me

"This 270-page coffee table book should be mandatory reading."

  -- Los Angeles Times

"A marvelous book, it connects on so many levels."

  -- NBC broadcaster Bob Costas

"A refreshing grand slam."

  -- Ft. Worth Star-Telegram

Storied Stadiums

"A marvelous passage through time."

            -- Booklist

"A wonderful piece of cultural recovery."

            -- Cincinnati Enquirer

"Fascinating stories…The definitive history to every ballpark."

            -- Los Angeles Times

Our House

"This evocative book captures the soul of Fenway Park."

     -- Gannett News Service

"Curt Smith has outdone himself."

     -- Baseball Weekly


     -- Red Sox Voice Joe Castiglione

Windows on the White House

"Invaluable to a knowledge of presidential libraries."

  -- Former CBS White House
  correspondent Bob Pierpoint

"Fascinating... Curt Smith writes with exquisite detail."

  -- Matthew Rees,
The Weekly Standard

Of Mikes and Men

"A touchdown pass"

   -- USA Today

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The Red Sox Fan's Little Book of Wisdom

"Fascinating, and depressing!"
  -- Hartford Courant 

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The Storytellers

"An unbeatable lineup."

  -- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"One of Smith's best works."

  -- Detroit Free Press

"Terrific stories."

  -- Baseball America

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Voices of The Game

"Monumental. The definitive work in its field."

  -- Publisher's Weekly

"Extraordinarily entertaining."

  -- St. Louis Post-Dispatch

"A must for any baseball library."

  -- The Sporting News

Long Time Gone

"Wonderfully evocative and beautifully written."

            -- National Review

"A tender memoir of coming to maturity in the 1970s."

            -- TIME Columnist Hugh Sidey

America's Dizzy Dean

"Hard and true."

-- New York Post columnist Maury Allen

"Humorously entertaining. Belongs in the Hall of Fame."

     -- Christian Science Monitor

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